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The idea of this first diving experience in a pool is to initiate people who are not divers into diving world in a safe, controlled and fun session leaving behind the myths of scuba diving.

The Sub Baptism offers non divers the opportunity of diving in the security of a pool or confined waters.  This is an attractive diving experience.  Bringing a feeling of security and comfort  and a sense of property in a Sub Baptism helps to eradicate the common misconceptions ideas in diving.

This experience will let you get safely and with confidence to a real diving situation , the “Sea Sub Baptism”


You need to be 8 years old or older to take part into a Sub Baptism.

 To take part in the course you do not need any previous certification.

Discover SCUBA Diving

The Sea Sub Baptism program is designed to let people test dive for the first time with autonomous gear under instructor direct supervision.

To ensure the safety and fun of the experience the Sea Sub Baptism program requires the participants to have concepts, information and specific diving skills before an open water dive.  You will enjoy the sub aquatic world of the Patagonia along with lots of fishes that will join you during the dive.

This experience is the key to submarine adventures for wich you will need to certificate taking the Open Water Diver course.

You have to be 12 years old or older to participate of the Sea Sub Baptism program. The maximum depth for this open water dive is 30 feet.

 Program Prices

You do not need any previous certification to take this course.


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