Diving activities in Las Grutas are an excelent option at the border of  San Antonio Bay. This place is a good choice, because of the characteristics of its transparent and warm waters.  You can dive all year round taking into account that the temperatura of the water during June, July and August is between  11ēC and 13 ēC (52°F and 56°F), in September, October and November is between 13ēC and 16ēC (56°F and 61°F) and in summer is between  20 ēC and 24 ēC (69°F and 76°F).

Winds are usually from West and Northwest and they change visibility from 3 mts and 15 mts  (9 feet to 45 feet).
Winter and Outom are the best visibility seasons.  
From Spring to the end of Summer is the seaweed  blossom, reproduction and growing season for many species.

The Diving places are:

Isla Mejillón,( see pictures )
El Buque,
El Sótano,
Lado Bueno
La Escondida,
La Salvadora,
Parque Submarino Las Grutas;

Most visited places in Summer for its  flora and fauna are:

Orengo and La Trucha; wich are solitary beaches along the cost where you can find the most spectacular shoals .  There you will find variety of fish, shellfish, great cervices and passage ways covered with seaweeds, cholgas and mussel. Different depths and good visibility help the divers who are amateur photographers to get pictures they never dreamed of from the Argentinean sea.

La Isla: Also called Bajo Oliveira, is a place where big rocks form a very big shoal that can be seen during extraordinary low tides. It is a very attractive place due to its excellent visibility and the variety of sealife that can be found for example cholgas, mussels, sea wichins, groupers, cabrillas, and we dive accpained with many sargos and sea bream.  We must also include the possibility of finding sea mammals such as seals and dolphins.

Project “La Caracola”; we will soon have close to Las grutas shore the wreck of  “La Carolina” which served as a  life boat in a big aircraft carrier in the ‘50s and its late owners used it as a turist boat around San Matias Gulf.  The boat is 33 feet length with a wooden haul, galvanized cabin, centered wheelhouse, bow warehouse and passenger accommodation astern. Goal accomplished....

Lado Bueno: It is part of La Escondida shoal, where a Long  Line type structure was placed to breed mussel, which gave great strength to local fish.  As time passed, salmon become friendly an today you can tour the grouper caves accompanied by large salmon.

We can find : sea bream, sargo, grouper, salmon, lemon sole, scallop, mussel, clam, oyster, sea  urchin , octopus, crab, starfish, seal, dolphin, killer whale and from September to December there are lots of whales. (see photos)



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